My name is Karen Ayat. I am Lebanese and lived most of my life in Lebanon. I studied Law in Beirut and moved to London in 2008 to pursue my legal education and get an LLM in Commercial Law. Upon completion of my master degree, I worked as a Private Banker in a Swiss Bank based in Canary Wharf. Living in London was supposed to be a short-term experience, a place to discover and to drop, a city to tame and to leave. But somehow, meanwhile – and I owe it to someone I met – London became my home. And it will be for a while.

I have a very short attention span and I get distracted very easily. However, the only interest I was able to maintain over the years is my passion for books. I love how they smell, how they feel, how they age. I love reading them too, occasionally. I would like to write a book one day, when I find a story worth telling. This is my dream. Meanwhile, this is where I share my thoughts and passions, stories about the London I live in and the Lebanon that lives in me, my ”coups de coeur” and my deceptions, my fears and my worries, my shivers and my secrets. This is my home. I go away from time to time. I get bored. I get disappointed. I look for something else, something different, something new, something more intense. But I always come back; always. And I hope that through my words, I will be able to, sometimes, give you a smile, a dream or at least some kind of comfort.


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