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Forever 21

cakeThere is nothing cool about being in your twenties. Whoever said it was is a big fat liar. When you are twenty-something, you worry about university. About exams. About last minute revisions. About whether you did well or if you could have answered question 5 differently.

In your twenties, you suffer your first major heartbreak, the one that changes you as a person. The one that makes you insecure, lonely, bitter. The one that makes you write poems, listen to Radiohead and eat pizza in bed. You make new friends. You go out a lot. Only to come back to a very lonely place.

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Il y a les expériences que l’on provoque. Deux mois de bénévolat au Kenya. Par envie de donner, d’enseigner, de partager son savoir, de vivre sans Rimmel, sans fer à lisser, sans Special K, sans sa soeur, sans son mec et les lundis soirs ridicules sur son roof qui snobent la ville qui s’endort, le bruit qui s’éteint, le travail du lendemain. Partir loin par besoin de trouver le vrai, le simple, le sauvage, le sens des choses ou son absence.

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