Reading Now

The last book on this list is the one being read at the moment. I look forward to finding out which book you recommend.

Un homme à distance- Katherine Pancol

Persepolis – Marjane Satrapi

Un homme à distance – Katherine Pancol ( Struggled to finish this book )

Et monter lentement dans un immense amour – Katherine Pancol

Barbe Blue – Amélie Nothomb

La rêveuse d’Ostende – Eric-Emmanuel Schmidt

To Sir With Love

Les broderies – Marjane Satrapi

Saveur du temps – Jean D’Ormesson

The old ladies of Nazareth- Naim Attallah

A woman a week- Naim Attallah

A boy in England- Naim Attallah

The death of Al Mustafa- Riad Nourallah

Prozac Nation – Elizabeth Wurtzel

Made in Britain – Gavin James Bower

And you ?


3 responses to “Reading Now

  1. Bisso

    I am reading you

  2. Léon l’Africain (niiice)
    Soufi, Mon Amour
    50 shades of grey (nul nul nul!)
    La belle du caire

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